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Iplehouse Wiki is a collaborative website about the Iplehouse Ball jointed Doll Total Shop that anyone can edit! It is a resource for prospective Iple doll owners, current Iple owners and Iple enthusiasts. Please try your best to help us in our endeavor to create a complete guide to Iplehouse for English-speakers. This wiki is not owned or maintained by Iplehouse and is not official.

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Doll types
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I.H.D. Collection
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How to help

What we need
  • Owner pictures of dolls - PLEASE ONLY USE YOUR OWN PICTURES OF YOUR OWN DOLLS. Upload your pictures with a descriptive filename, such as Akando-owner-pic.jpg. You can place it in the doll's gallery or wait for another editor to place it for you.
  • Expanded information on special edition dolls, such as the dates they were available for sale.
  • Information on what clothes and shoes from other dealers fit Iplehouse dolls.
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  • Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback or just to say hi.

Iple News

  • EID I.H.D. Limiteds on sale from Sept 2 to 22, 2009!

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